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Sukyoung Sikdang (숙영식당)
Sukyoung Sikdang (숙영식당)
  • Phone number : +82-54-772-3369
Housed in an old hanok (traditional Korean house) Sukyoung Sikdang (숙영식당) is a restaurant famous for its glutinous barley rice meal. Various kinds of grains are mixed with glutinous barley rice to make a sticky and savory rice dish complete with seven different kinds of wild greens. For an extra boost of flavor, try mixing in the various herbs provided with lots of dressing and sesame oil. Even though the meal comes with bean paste-jjigae, if you’re still hungry take a trip to the traditional bakery located nearby (‘Hwangnam Bread’) for an extra special treat.
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  • Restrooms : Available
(38164) 60, Gyerim-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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