Discover the Epic Moderoid Valimar: The Ashen Knight from Trails of Cold Steel for Unforgettable Assembly and Play

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Moderoid Valimar: Assembling the Legendary Knight from Trails of Cold Steel

The captivating world of Trails of Cold Steel now takes form in the Moderoid Valimar The Ashen Knight Assembly Model Robot Kit! Here’s why you should add this extraordinary collectible to your arsenal:

Intricate Design and Detail

Meticulously crafted to capture the iconic silhouette of Valimar from the Trails of Cold Steel series, this model showcases exceptional details and precision. Every panel, joint, and weapon is meticulously reproduced, making it an impressive display piece for any discerning fan.

Articulated for Maximum Posability

Valimar’s highly articulated structure grants it unparalleled flexibility. Pose it with confidence in dynamic stances, capturing the knight’s swift and graceful movements as it cleaves through hordes of enemies. The model features multiple points of articulation, enabling you to recreate iconic scenes from the game.

Interchangeable Combat Gear

The kit includes an assortment of interchangeable combat gear, allowing you to customize your Valimar based on your preferences. Choose from various weapons, including swords, lances, and shields, and equip your knight for any battle situation. Enhance your collection with these customizable options.

Assembly Experience for Model Enthusiasts

Building Valimar is a rewarding assembly experience that tests your precision and patience. The detailed instructions and premium-quality materials ensure a smooth construction process. Each piece fits together seamlessly, resulting in a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing model.

Collectors’ Dream and Gift for Fans

The Moderoid Valimar The Ashen Knight Assembly Model Robot Kit is the perfect collectible for dedicated Trails of Cold Steel fans. It serves as a stunning tribute to the beloved character and offers an immersive and tactile experience. Give the ultimate gift to fellow enthusiasts who cherish this iconic mecha from the Trails of Cold Steel universe.

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