Unleash the Power of Grendizer Infinitism with the Bandai Original HG 1/144 Model Kit

Bandai Original box HG 1/144 GRENDIZER INFINITISM full Action Anime plastic Figure model kit Assembly toy gift for kids

Unveil the Epic Power of Mazinger Z: Bandai Original HG 1/144 GRENDIZER INFINITISM Model Kit

Relive the iconic battles of Mazinger Z with the Bandai Original HG 1/144 GRENDIZER INFINITISM plastic model kit. Dive into the world of anime history and unleash the formidable power of this legendary robot.

Why Choose the Bandai GRENDIZER INFINITISM Model Kit?

1. Unmatched Authenticity:

Licensed by Bandai, this masterfully crafted kit accurately captures the intricate details and proportions of the GRENDIZER INFINITISM as seen in the captivating anime series. Assemble and display a piece of anime history in your collection.

2. Fully Articulated Action:

Featuring fully posable joints, the GRENDIZER INFINITISM model kit allows you to recreate dynamic action scenes effortlessly. From iconic flying poses to bone-crushing attacks, unleash your imagination and bring the giant robot to life.

3. Exquisite Detailing:

Bandai’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this model. From the characteristic chest armor to the delicately sculpted wings, the GRENDIZER INFINITISM exudes an aura of power and precision.

4. Exceptional Plastic Material:

Made from high-quality plastic, this model kit ensures durability and stability. Whether you’re an experienced model builder or a novice looking for a challenging project, this material provides an unparalleled building experience.

5. Collector’s Delight:

For anime collectors and enthusiasts, the GRENDIZER INFINITISM model kit is an absolute must-have. It not only brings the iconic robot to life but also adds a piece of anime heritage to your collection.


  • Scale: 1/144
  • Material: Plastic
  • Joints: Fully Articulated
  • Accessories: Display Stand, Weaponry
  • Age Recommendation: 14+

How to Purchase:

Visit your local hobby store or online retailers to acquire the Bandai Original HG 1/144 GRENDIZER INFINITISM model kit. Embrace the power of Mazinger Z and proudly display its iconic form in your collection.

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