16-Channel Professional Audio Mixer: Elevate Your Stage, Karaoke, and Home Entertainment

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16 Channel Professional Sound Table stage performance family KTV live karaoke USB audio mixer Bluetooth MP3 playback audio mixer

Elevate Your Audio Experience with the Premium 16 Channel Sound Table

Immersive Sound and Unparalleled Control

Calling all music enthusiasts, DJs, and live performance masters! Introducing the state-of-the-art 16 Channel Professional Sound Table – the ultimate audio solution for stage performances, family KTV nights, and live karaoke.

Why You Need This Sound Table

  • 16 Independent Channels: Mix and master 16 audio sources seamlessly, providing exceptional flexibility and control for complex productions.
  • Premium Audio Quality: Capture crystal-clear sound thanks to premium preamps and converters, delivering pristine audio every time.
  • Bluetooth and MP3 Playback: Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth devices or playback MP3s directly from the mixer, expanding your entertainment options.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Connect microphones, musical instruments, keyboards, and other audio equipment with a wide range of inputs and outputs.
  • Intuitive Control Surface: Navigate easily with labeled knobs, sliders, and buttons, making operation a breeze even for beginners.

Features that Make a Difference

  • USB Audio Interface: Record your mixes directly to your computer for post-production and professional-level audio production.
  • 4-Band EQ on Each Channel: Tailor the sound of each input with precision, ensuring optimal balance and frequency response.
  • Built-in Effects: Access reverb, delay, and other essential effects to enhance your vocals and instrumentals.
  • Assignable Channel Output: Direct specific channels to desired outputs, allowing for customized routing and monitoring.

Whether you’re seeking professional-grade audio for stage performances, hosting unforgettable family karaoke nights, or simply want to elevate your home audio experience, this 16 Channel Sound Table is the perfect solution. Immerse yourself in rich, captivating sound and take your audio to the next level!

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