Announcing the Revolutionary GAX-TFB12: The Ultimate 8-Channel Pro-Audio Mixer with Sound Card and Multi-Output Connectivity

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GAX-TFB12 New TFB series mixer 8-channel stage DJ mixer with sound card four group output AUX audio mixer

GAX-TFB12: Elevate Your DJ Craft with Exceptional Versatility

The GAX-TFB12 is the latest and greatest addition to the TFB series of professional DJ mixers, offering unparalleled versatility and sound quality for stage and studio applications.

Why Choose the GAX-TFB12?

  • Exceptional Audio Performance:

    With its pristine audio preamps, high-resolution converters, and advanced digital processing, the GAX-TFB12 delivers crystal-clear and punchy sound that complements even the most demanding performances.

  • 8-Channel Versatility:

    Featuring 8 input channels, each with switchable phono/line inputs and dedicated 3-band EQs, the GAX-TFB12 accommodates a wide range of audio sources, from turntables to synthesizers and playback devices.

  • Versatile Output Options:

    Thanks to its multiple output options, including four group outputs, AUX sends, and a balanced XLR main out, the GAX-TFB12 gives DJs the flexibility to connect to various sound systems and external effects.

  • Built-in Sound Card:

    Integrated with a high-quality USB audio interface, the GAX-TFB12 allows seamless connection to your computer for recording, playback, and live streaming.

  • Intuitive Controls:

    With its ergonomically designed layout and backlit controls, the GAX-TFB12 ensures ease of use and quick access to essential mixer functions, even in dimly lit venues.

  • Durable Construction:

    Built with rugged materials and a robust chassis, the GAX-TFB12 withstands the rigors of stage use and provides reliable performance night after night.


Whether you’re a seasoned DJ or just starting your musical journey, the GAX-TFB12 is the ideal mixer for enhancing your DJ skills and delivering unforgettable performances. Its exceptional audio quality, versatile features, and durable construction make it an investment that will support your passion for years to come.

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