Bandai RG 1/144 EVA Evangelion EVA-02 Unit 02 Robot Anime Figure Assembled Model Collectible

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Bandai Genuine RG 1/144 EVA EVANGELION-02 UNIT-02 Anime Action Figure Assembly Toys Collectible Model Decorative Toy Gifts

Unveil the Mightiest Evangelion: RG 1/144 EVA EVANGELION-02 UNIT-02 for Your Anime Collection

As an ardent anime enthusiast, owning a genuine Bandai model figure is a must-have. And if you’re seeking an embodiment of raw power, look no further than the RG 1/144 EVA EVANGELION-02 UNIT-02. This intricately designed action figure not only serves as a stunning display piece but also offers exceptional playability for endless hours of storytelling.

Reasons to Purchase the RG 1/144 EVA EVANGELION-02 UNIT-02:

Unrivaled Authenticity:
As a genuine Bandai product, this figure is meticulously crafted to replicate the iconic Evangelion-02 unit from the beloved anime series. Its sleek and angular design, vibrant colors, and intricate details capture the character’s distinctive features with unmatched accuracy.

Exceptional Detailing:
Armed with the “Progressive Knife” and the “Handheld Pellet Rifle,” this action figure allows you to recreate epic battle scenes and thrilling combat sequences. Its posable joints provide maximum flexibility, enabling a wide range of dynamic poses. The figure also includes interchangeable hands, allowing for customization to suit your preferred display or storytelling scenarios.

High-Quality Construction:
Constructed from premium-grade plastic, the RG 1/144 EVA EVANGELION-02 UNIT-02 model figure boasts remarkable durability and longevity. Its sturdy construction ensures resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing countless hours of enjoyment.

Collectible Value:
As a limited edition collectible, this figure is a highly sought-after item for fans and collectors alike. Its exceptional craftsmanship and authenticity make it a valuable piece to add to your arsenal of anime memorabilia. Its collectible value is expected to appreciate over time, making it a worthwhile investment for discerning collectors.

Educational and Creative:
Beyond its aesthetic and playability value, this figure also serves as an educational tool. Its realistic depiction of the Evangelion-02 unit fosters interest in robotics, engineering, and science fiction. It also encourages imaginative play and storytelling, stimulating creativity and critical thinking skills.


The RG 1/144 EVA EVANGELION-02 UNIT-02 is a must-have for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a collectible piece of anime history. Its exceptional detailing, high-quality construction, and collectible value make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a budding anime fan, this action figure promises to captivate and inspire for years to come. Order yours today and let the might of Evangelion-02 unleash its fury upon your collection!

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