Collect the Legendary Zenyatta with Nendoroid’s Highly-Detailed Figma 413 Action Figure

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In Stock Good Smile Original GSC Figma 413 Overwatch Zenyatta Anime Movable Action Figure Model Children’s Gifts

Unleash Your Inner Harmony with Good Smile’s Exquisite Figma Zenyatta

Introducing the Figma 413 Overwatch Zenyatta: A Collector’s Dream

Step into the mystical realm of Overwatch with Good Smile’s exceptional Figma 413 Zenyatta figure. This meticulously crafted collectible captures the icon’s serene essence and unparalleled power through exquisite details and unparalleled articulation. Here’s why you should add this masterpiece to your collection:

Exceptional Detail and Accuracy

Every aspect of Zenyatta is meticulously recreated, down to the intricate patterns on his orbs and the subtle nuances of his facial expression. The figure exudes the same aura of wisdom and serenity found in the game, making it a true testament to its creators’ expertise.

Unparalleled Articulation

Pose Zenyatta in a countless array of dynamic stances thanks to a vast range of articulation points. Whether you want him levitating, meditating, or unleashing his orbs of harmony and discord, the Figma 413 allows you to capture the full spectrum of his abilities.

Collector-Friendly Construction

Figma figures are renowned for their ease of display and storage. Zenyatta can be neatly disassembled and reassembled, making it a breeze to showcase in various poses while minimizing space consumption. The included stand ensures a stable and secure display.

Versatile Display Options

With multiple interchangeable hand parts, you can customize Zenyatta’s appearance to match his various roles in the game. Choose between open hands for meditation, fists for combat, or hands holding his signature orbs for an unleashing of harmonic energy.

Exclusive Accessories

This exclusive edition includes an arsenal of accessories that further enhance Zenyatta’s versatility. Equip him with his trusty Orb of Discord, Orb of Harmony, or Meditation cushion to recreate iconic moments from Overwatch.

A Perfect Gift for Collectors

The Figma 413 Overwatch Zenyatta is a must-have for fans of the game and collectors alike. Its exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled articulation, and versatile display options make it a truly extraordinary piece that will elevate any collection.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the wisdom and power of Zenyatta to your display shelf. Order your Figma 413 Overwatch Zenyatta today and embark on a journey of harmony and tranquility.

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