EasySMX M10 Mobile Phone Gamepad Controller for iPhone (Lightning), Apple Arcade, Cloud Gaming Xbox Game Pass, STADIA, xCloud

High Compatibility: The controller is compatible with Apple Arcade, Cloud Gaming Xbox Game Pass, STADIA, xCloud, GeForce, Luna

Dual Hall Effect: The trigger and joystick use Hall switches, the large stick provides more sensitive control, and Hall components never drift and last longer

Easy to Connect: The phone plugs in and automatically connects, the fastest and most efficient way to connect The connection is stable and no delay

Programming Keys: The programming key can be both mapped and programmed to achieve one-click combo, one-key big move, etc

Active Plug: The contoller plug adopts a movable structure, and the plug angle can be adjusted, which plays a good protective role for installing mobile phones

Anti-Slip Design: The grip is treated with diamond laser pattern, which is firmer and better grip

What’s Included in Box

1 x EasySMX M10 Phone Gaming Controller
1 x Lightning Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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