Experience Effortless Ice Making with PBOBP’s Advanced Ice Cube Makers: Innovative Technology for Your Kitchen and Business Needs

PBOBP Ice Cube Maker 40/60/70KG Water Drain Pump Auto Clean Liquid Freezer Kitchen Appliances Ice Machine Household Commercial

PBOBP Ice Cube Maker 40/60/70KG Water Drain Pump Auto Clean Liquid Freezer Kitchen Appliances Ice Machine Household Commercial

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Ice Cube Makers: A Cool Addition to Your Kitchen and Business

In the realm of kitchen appliances, few things are as refreshing as a perfectly formed ice cube. Whether you’re crafting cocktails, cooling down beverages, or preserving your groceries, an ice maker can provide an endless supply of icy refreshment.

Why You Should Consider a PBOBP Ice Cube Maker

  1. Speed and Efficiency: PBOBP ice cube makers churn out large quantities of ice in a matter of minutes, ensuring you never run out at a party or during peak business hours.

  2. Automatic Operation: Simply fill the reservoir with water and the machine takes care of the rest. It automatically freezes, releases, and collects the ice cubes with minimal effort on your part.

  3. Versatile Production: Choose from models with 40, 60, or 70kg capacity per day, catering to both household and commercial needs. This allows you to produce the precise amount of ice necessary for your specific requirements.

  4. Auto Clean Function: For added convenience, PBOBP ice cube makers feature an auto clean function that removes impurities and mineral deposits, ensuring hygienic ice and extending the appliance’s lifespan.

  5. Water Drain Pump: A built-in water drain pump facilitates hassle-free disposal of excess water, preventing leaks and spills in your kitchen or commercial establishment.

  6. Durable Construction: These ice makers are crafted from high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Household: Keep your beverages chilled, prepare refreshing cocktails, and ensure icy treats for hot summer days.
  • Commercial: Stock your bar, restaurant, café, or catering business with an abundance of ice for drinks, food preservation, and display purposes.


If you’re seeking a reliable and efficient solution for your ice production needs, look no further than PBOBP ice cube makers. With their impressive capacity, automatic operation, auto clean function, and water drain pump, these appliances will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen or business, providing you with an endless supply of icy refreshment with minimal effort.

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