Experience Unmatched Musicality with Our Exclusive 7-String Electric Upright Bass Guitar

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Unveiling the Versatility of Cheap 7-String Acoustic Electric Upright Bass Guitars

The intersection of acoustic and electric sound in the realm of 7-string upright bass guitars creates an instrument of unparalleled versatility. Combining the warm, resonant tones of an upright bass with the convenience and flexibility of an electric guitar, these instruments offer boundless possibilities for musicians of all levels. Here’s why you should consider adding one to your musical arsenal:

Rich and Dynamic Acoustic Sound

The acoustic body of these guitars produces a deep, full-bodied sound that captures the essence of a traditional upright bass. The large body resonates sympathetically with the playing, adding depth and richness to each note. Whether you’re playing jazz solos or plucking basslines, the acoustic sound provides a warm and organic foundation.

Convenient Electric Amplification

Equipped with a built-in pickup and preamp, cheap 7-string acoustic electric upright bass guitars allow you to amplify your sound on stage or in the studio. Adjust the controls to your desired tone and volume, giving you the power to fill a room with your basslines or to dial back for intimate acoustic settings.

Extended Range and Versatility

With seven strings, these guitars offer a wider range of notes compared to traditional acoustic uprights. This extended range enables you to explore new melodic possibilities, play complex chords, and even dabble in guitar-like soloing. The versatility of the 7-string design makes it ideal for a variety of genres, from jazz to rock and even metal.

Portable and Affordable

Unlike traditional upright basses, which can be bulky and expensive, cheap 7-string acoustic electric upright bass guitars are designed to be both portable and wallet-friendly. Their compact size and lower price point make them accessible to students, gigging musicians, and budget-conscious enthusiasts alike.

Educational Benefits

For aspiring upright bass players, these guitars can provide a valuable bridge between the convenience of an electric guitar and the techniques of a traditional upright. By practicing on a 7-string acoustic electric upright bass, students can develop their fingering, bowing, and rhythm skills while enjoying the support of an amplified sound.


Cheap 7-string acoustic electric upright bass guitars are a practical and versatile choice for musicians seeking the rich sound of an upright bass with the convenience of an electric guitar. Their affordable price, portability, and extended range make them ideal for players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Whether you’re looking to enhance your acoustic performances or explore new musical possibilities, consider investing in one of these remarkable instruments.

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