Introducing DYY-E13: The Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses That Elevate Your Style and Connectivity

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First Look DYY-E13 Full-Frame Wireless Bluetooth Headset Frame Sunglasses Sunglasses Voice Interchangeable Lenses

Unveil the Revolution of Digital Eyewear: DYY-E13 Full-Frame Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses

Why You Need Full-Frame Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses

Enter the realm of technological innovation and style with the DYY-E13 Full-Frame Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses. These revolutionary sunglasses seamlessly merge the convenience of a wireless headset with the protection and fashion statement of high-end sunglasses.

Unparalleled Audio Experience

Enjoy crystal-clear audio whether you’re listening to music, taking calls, or navigating your surroundings with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The built-in speakers deliver rich and immersive sound that will transport you into a sonic paradise.

Effortless Communication

With an integrated microphone that filters out background noise, you can engage in hands-free conversations with ease. Whether you’re on a phone call, video conference, or simply chatting with friends, your voice will always be heard clearly.

Polarized and UV-Resistant Lenses

Equipped with polarized lenses, the DYY-E13 sunglasses effectively reduce glare and enhance color contrast, providing you with a crisp and vibrant view of the world. Furthermore, the lenses offer 100% UV protection, shielding your precious eyes from harmful rays.

Interchangeable Lenses

Personalize your look effortlessly with the interchangeable lenses that come in a variety of colors. Whether you’re seeking a sleek black or a vibrant gradient, you can customize your sunglasses to match your style and mood.

Ultralight and Durable Design

Crafted from lightweight and durable materials, the DYY-E13 sunglasses ensure maximum comfort for extended wear. The full-frame design provides ample coverage while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Power through your day without interruption, thanks to the long-lasting battery that offers up to 8 hours of playtime. You can recharge the sunglasses conveniently via the included USB cable.


Invest in the future of eyewear today with the DYY-E13 Full-Frame Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sunglasses. Experience unparalleled audio performance, effortless communication, and unparalleled eye protection. With its stylish design and customizable features, these sunglasses will elevate your daily routine and enhance your sense of fashion and functionality.

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