Introducing the MAK4 Carbon Fiber Traverse Rack: Enhance Your RC Four Axis Drone’s Stability and Versatility

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MAK4 Carbon Fiber Traverse Rack 7-inch 295mm RC Four Axis Drone Traverse Vehicle FPV

Carbon Fiber Traverse Rack: Enhance Your Quadcopter’s Flight Capabilities

MAK4 Carbon Fiber Traverse Rack is an essential upgrade for enthusiasts looking to improve the handling, stability, and versatility of their quadcopter. Made from lightweight yet durable carbon fiber, this high-quality rack provides numerous advantages over traditional traverse systems.

Why Choose a Carbon Fiber Traverse Rack?

Improved Stability:
The rigid carbon fiber construction significantly increases the rack’s structural stiffness, providing a robust foundation for mounting equipment such as cameras, antennas, and FPV systems. This enhanced stability minimizes vibrations and improves the overall handling of your drone.

Reduced Weight:
Carbon fiber is incredibly lightweight, making the traverse rack an ideal solution for reducing the overall weight of your quadcopter. This weight reduction translates to increased flight time, agility, and maneuverability.

Enhanced Aerodynamics:
The sleek design of the carbon fiber traverse rack minimizes aerodynamic drag, resulting in improved efficiency and flight performance. Its aerodynamic profile allows for smoother transitions between flight modes and reduces turbulence.

Versatile Mounting Options:
The traverse rack features multiple mounting points and adjustable arms, allowing you to customize the setup to suit your specific requirements and equipment configuration. This versatility empowers you to mount cameras, antennas, lights, and other accessories with ease.

Durable Construction:
Carbon fiber is renowned for its exceptional durability and impact resistance. The MAK4 Traverse Rack is built to withstand the rigors of flight, protecting your valuable equipment from bumps and crashes.


Whether you’re an experienced quadcopter enthusiast or just starting out, the MAK4 Carbon Fiber Traverse Rack is an indispensable accessory. Its combination of lightweight, rigidity, versatility, and aerodynamic efficiency will take your flight experience to the next level. By upgrading to this high-performance traverse rack, you can unlock the full potential of your drone and elevate your hobby to new heights.

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