Introducing the Ultimate Upgrade for Your Dell G3 15 3500: Enhance Your Gaming Experience with a New Palmrest, Backlit Keyboard, and Keycaps

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Laptop Palmrest For DELL G3 3500 02DPKM 2DPKM With RGB Backlit English US Keyboard Upper Case White Keycaps New

Upgrade Your DELL G3 3500 Laptop with Style and Functionality

Enhance the aesthetics and productivity of your DELL G3 3500 laptop with a state-of-the-art Palmrest and English US Keyboard combo. Here are compelling reasons to consider upgrading:

Palmrest with RGB Backlighting:

  • Experience Gaming Immersion: Unleash a vibrant gaming experience with customizable RGB backlighting that sets the mood for intense battles.
  • Distinctive Look: Elevate the style quotient of your laptop with a sleek palmrest that sets it apart from its peers.

English US Keyboard with White Keycaps:

  • Precision Typing: Enjoy effortless and accurate typing with crisp, white keycaps that provide sharp contrast and visibility.
  • US Layout: Access to familiar keyboard shortcuts and key placements for seamless productivity.

Why Purchase Now?

  • Enhance Gaming: Transform your gaming sessions with an immersive RGB-backlit palmrest and precise English US keyboard.
  • Optimize Productivity: Elevate your work and play with the comfortable white keycaps that boost typing speed and accuracy.
  • Upgrade Style: Infuse your laptop with a touch of sophistication and stand out from the crowd.


  • DELL G3 3500 laptop
  • Part Number: 02DPKM or 2DPKM

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to upgrade your DELL G3 3500 laptop. Order your Palmrest and English US Keyboard combo today and experience the difference in gaming, productivity, and style.

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