Unleash Precision and Expand Range: Elevate Your FPV Experience with the Jumper T-Pro V2 ELRS and JP4in1 Controller

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Jumper T-Pro V2 ELRS 1000mW / JP4in1 Controller for FPV Hall Gimbals Racing Drones Airplane Multi-Protocol Frsky Transmitter

Conquer the Skies with the Jumper T-Pro V2 ELRS: The Ultimate FPV Transmitter

In the realm of FPV racing and aerial acrobatics, having a reliable and feature-packed transmitter is paramount. Enter the Jumper T-Pro V2 ELRS 1000mW, a revolutionary transmitter that elevates your control over the skies like never before. Here’s why you need to invest in this game-changer:

Ultra-Fast Connectivity with ELRS 1000mW

The Jumper T-Pro V2 comes equipped with the latest ELRS 1000mW module, offering lightning-fast telemetry and control signals. Experience virtually zero latency and extended range, empowering you with unmatched precision and responsiveness during intense flight sessions.

Intuitive Hall Gimbals for Ultimate Precision

Controlling your drone with the utmost accuracy is crucial in FPV racing. The T-Pro V2 features precise Hall gimbals that provide a smooth, frictionless, and virtually wear-free operation. Execute intricate maneuvers with confidence and finesse, knowing that your commands are flawlessly transmitted to your aircraft.

Multi-Protocol Capabilities for Versatility

Tired of juggling multiple transmitters for different receivers? The T-Pro V2 seamlessly supports Frsky, Spektrum, and other popular protocols. This versatility allows you to control various drones with a single transmitter, simplifying your setup and minimizing compatibility issues.

Ergonomic Design for Extended Comfort

Prolonged flying sessions can take their toll on your hands. The T-Pro V2 is ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort even during extended use. Its contoured shape and rubberized grips reduce fatigue and enhance your grip, allowing you to stay in control for hours on end.

Customizable Firmware for Tailored Control

Unlock the full potential of the T-Pro V2 by customizing its firmware with OpenTX or EdgeTX. Adjust settings, create custom configurations, and tailor the transmitter to perfectly suit your flying style and requirements. With the flexibility to fine-tune every aspect of your control, you can push the boundaries of what’s possible in FPV racing.


Elevate your FPV experience to new heights with the Jumper T-Pro V2 ELRS 1000mW/JP4in1 Controller. Its lightning-fast ELRS connectivity, precise Hall gimbals, multi-protocol compatibility, ergonomic design, and customizable firmware make it the ultimate choice for demanding pilots. Make the wise investment today and conquer the skies with unmatched precision and control.

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