Unleash the Power of Destruction: Build Your Own Jiren with Bandai’s Incredible Action Figure Kit

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Bandai Original Figure Rise Standard Jiren Action Figure Assembly Model Kit Collectible Gifts

Bandai’s Original Figure Rise Standard Jiren Action Figure: An Essential Collectible for Dragon Ball Enthusiasts

Bandai’s Figure Rise Standard Jiren action figure is a must-have for any Dragon Ball fan. Based on the iconic character from the Dragon Ball Super anime series, this meticulously crafted model captures the intimidating presence and unmatched power of this formidable warrior.

Precision Design and Exceptional Detail

The Jiren figure boasts exceptional attention to detail, bringing the character’s imposing physique and signature blue attire to life. Each joint and muscle is carefully articulated, allowing for a wide range of dynamic poses and display options. The figure also comes with interchangeable parts, including different facial expressions and hands, further enhancing its versatility and display potential.

Authentic Dragon Ball Aesthetics

Bandai has faithfully recreated Jiren’s distinctive appearance in this action figure. The blue and red color scheme, intricate detailing on his Gi, and piercing yellow eyes are all present, accurately capturing the menacing demeanor of this powerful fighter. Additionally, the figure’s height of approximately 14cm ensures that it stands out in any collection.

Collector’s Value and Display Options

As a limited-edition release, the Bandai Figure Rise Standard Jiren action figure is highly sought after by collectors. Its exceptional quality and authentic design make it a prized possession for any Dragon Ball enthusiast. Whether displayed on a shelf alongside other Dragon Ball figures or showcased in dynamic poses, this model will undoubtedly become a centerpiece of your collection.

Enhanced Assembly Experience

The Figure Rise Standard Jiren action figure comes as an assembly model, providing an engaging and rewarding building experience. The intricate details and durable materials used in its construction ensure a satisfying and enjoyable assembly process. Detailed instructions are included to guide you through each step, catering to both novice and experienced model builders.


For Dragon Ball collectors and fans of the series’ exceptional characters, the Bandai Original Figure Rise Standard Jiren Action Figure is an indispensable addition to their collection. Its precision design, authentic aesthetics, and versatility make it a must-have for any Dragon Ball enthusiast. Experience the thrill of assembling and displaying this iconic warrior, capturing the essence of one of the most formidable characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

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