Unleash the Power of Eva: Exclusive Rebuild of Evangelion Dolls for Action Figure Collectors and Anime Enthusiasts

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Bandai Original EVA Rebuild of Evangelion EVANGELION-01 EVANGELION-02 Production Model Soft Glue Dolls Anime Action Figures Toys

Dive into the Mecha-Marvels of Evangelion with Bandai’s Stunning Production Models

Calling all Evangelion enthusiasts! Experience the thrill of collecting iconic mecha statues with Bandai’s exceptional Original EVA Rebuild of Evangelion range. These exquisite soft glue dolls bring to life the beloved Evangelion units that have captured imaginations worldwide.

Why You Should Own Bandai’s Evangelion Production Models:

  1. Accuracy and Detail: Each figurine is meticulously crafted to replicate the intricate designs of the anime series, featuring every detail from the signature head fins to the retractable progressive knives.

  2. Exceptional POSABILITY: Fully articulated joints allow for dynamic posing and customization. Engage in epic battles or recreate iconic scenes with these highly poseable figurines.

  3. Premium Materials: Made from durable soft glue, these dolls are both resilient and visually stunning. Their vibrant colors and high-quality paint jobs ensure a lasting collection.

  4. Collectible Value: The Evangelion franchise has garnered a massive fan base worldwide. These authentic figurines are highly collectible and perfect for enthusiasts seeking unique and highly sought-after merchandise.

  5. Budget-Friendly Quality: Bandai’s Production Models offer an exceptional blend of quality and affordability. Own these iconic mechas without breaking the bank.

Available Models:

  • Evangelion-01 with its distinctive horned head and powerful aerodynamic body
  • Evangelion-02 boasts a sleek, feline-like appearance and formidable Progressive Knife


Indulge in the epic world of Evangelion with Bandai’s Original EVA Rebuild of Evangelion EVANGELION-01 and EVANGELION-02 Production Model Soft Glue Dolls. These highly collectible figurines combine stunning accuracy, exceptional poseability, and premium materials, making them perfect for both fans and collectors alike. Add these mecha marvels to your collection and relive the heart-pounding mecha battles that have thrilled audiences worldwide.

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