Unlock Seamless Multi-System Control: Captain DMA + Kmbox B+ (Pro) Keyboard Mouse Synergy for Dual Computers

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Captain DMA Direct Memory Access & Kmbox B+ (Pro) Keyboard Mouse Controller for Dual Computer

Unlock the Power of Seamless Multi-PC Control: Captain DMA and Kmbox B+ (Pro)

If you’re a multi-tasker who juggles multiple computers simultaneously, the Captain DMA Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller and Kmbox B+ (Pro) Keyboard Mouse Controller offer an indispensable solution. These innovative devices revolutionize the way you interact with your computers, providing unparalleled ease and efficiency.

What is Captain DMA and Kmbox B+ (Pro)?

Captain DMA is a revolutionary device that empowers you to transfer files, share peripherals, and control multiple computers seamlessly. It utilizes DMA technology to bypass the slower USB protocol, resulting in lightning-fast data transfer speeds. The Kmbox B+ (Pro), on the other hand, is a keyboard mouse controller that connects up to four computers to a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup.

Why You Need Captain DMA and Kmbox B+ (Pro)

1. Effortless File Sharing:
Transfer large files between computers at blistering speeds without tedious copy-pasting or using external drives. Captain DMA makes it a breeze to share data without compromising efficiency.

2. Seamless Peripheral Access:
Share your favorite peripherals, such as printers, scanners, and external hard drives, with multiple computers without the need for constant replugging. Captain DMA’s multi-port design streamlines your workspace.

3. Ultimate Control:
With the Kmbox B+ (Pro), you can effortlessly switch between multiple computers using keyboard and mouse combinations. Customize profiles for each machine to toggle between applications, open files, and more.

4. Enhanced Productivity:
By eliminating the distractions of constant switching between devices and managing multiple cables, Captain DMA and Kmbox B+ (Pro) boost your productivity significantly.

Benefits of Using Captain DMA and Kmbox B+ (Pro)

  • Streamlined multi-computer workflow
  • Rapid file transfers
  • Simplified peripheral management
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cable clutter
  • Enhanced ergonomics (due to the reduced need for physical input)


If you’re looking for a game-changer in multi-PC control, Captain DMA and Kmbox B+ (Pro) are the ultimate solution. They unlock the true potential of seamless computer interaction, empowering you with efficiency and convenience like never before. Invest in these innovative devices and transform the way you work and multi-task across multiple computers.

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