Unveiling the Pharaoh’s Legacy: Elevate Your Mechanical Keyboard with GMK Pharaoh Keycaps

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129 Keys PBT DYE-SUB Cherry Profile Keycaps GMK Pharaoh Theme Keycap For MX Switch Mechanical Keyboard Black KeyCaps

Indulge in Pharaoh’s Mystique with PBT DYE-SUB Keycaps

Immerse yourself in an ancient civilization with our exquisite 129-key PBT DYE-SUB cherry profile keycaps, inspired by the enigmatic GMK Pharaoh theme.

Why Choose Our Keycaps?

  • PBT Construction: PBT plastic is renowned for its remarkable durability, ensuring that your keycaps withstand years of heavy typing.
  • Dye-Sublimation Technique: The dyes penetrate deep into the plastic, creating vibrant and fade-resistant legends that will never wear off.
  • Cherry Profile: The medium height and sculpted design provide excellent typing comfort and responsiveness.
  • 129-Key Set: This comprehensive set includes all essential keys for both full-size and tenkeyless mechanical keyboards with MX-style switches.
  • Ancient Egyptian Aesthetics: The captivating Pharaoh theme transports you to the realm of powerful deities and towering hieroglyphs.

Enhance Your Typing Experience

  • Responsive Tactility: The sculpted keycaps provide a satisfying tactile feedback, enhancing typing accuracy and speed.
  • Anti-Fading Legends: The dye-sublimation process ensures that the legends remain clear and legible, even after prolonged use.
  • Easy Installation: Simply remove your old keycaps and install the new ones for a quick and seamless upgrade.

Perfect Fit for Mechanical Keyboards

These keycaps are compatible with all mechanical keyboards equipped with MX switches, including popular brands like Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh.

Elevate Your Setup

Transform your mechanical keyboard into a centerpiece of your setup with these captivating PBT DYE-SUB keycaps. The mesmerizing Pharaoh theme adds an air of mystery and uniqueness to your typing experience.

Order now and embark on an epic typing adventure with our 129-key PBT DYE-SUB cherry profile keycaps!

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