Upgrade Your iPhone 11 Pro Max with PINZHENG’s 4000mAh Ultra Slim Battery Case for Extended Power and Protection

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Discount : 30%
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PINZHENG 4000mAh Ultra Slim Battery Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Charger Case

Enhance Your Battery Life with PINZHENG Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max


With the ever-increasing demands on our smartphones, battery life can be a significant concern. The PINZHENG 4000mAh Ultra Slim Battery Case provides a convenient solution to extend your iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery life without compromising on functionality or style.

Features and Benefits

Impressive Battery Capacity: Packing a 4000mAh battery, this case effectively doubles the battery life of your iPhone 11 Pro Max, keeping you connected and productive for longer.

Ultra-Slim Design: Despite its ample battery capacity, the case maintains a remarkably slim profile, adding minimal bulk to your device while ensuring a comfortable grip.

Intelligent Charging: The case’s built-in LED indicator displays the remaining battery level, so you can easily monitor the charging status. It intelligently charges both the case and your iPhone simultaneously, prioritizing your device first.

Comprehensive Protection: The PINZHENG Battery Case offers comprehensive protection against bumps, scratches, and drops, providing peace of mind and extending the life of your iPhone.

Why You Should Buy the PINZHENG Battery Case

  • Enhanced Battery Life: Avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery and enjoy extended use of your iPhone.
  • Sleek Design: Keep your phone protected without sacrificing its sleek and stylish look.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Seamlessly charge both your iPhone and battery case at the same time, saving you time and effort.
  • Protection and Peace of Mind: Ensure the safety and durability of your valuable iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • Exceptional Value: Get the best of both worlds — extended battery life and reliable protection — at an affordable price.


If you’re looking for a high-quality battery case that delivers extended battery life, superior protection, and elegant style, the PINZHENG 4000mAh Ultra Slim Battery Case is an excellent choice for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Invest in this innovative accessory and enjoy the freedom of staying connected and productive wherever you go.

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