Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover USB Charging Electric Pellet Machine Hair Ball Lint Trimmer Portable Electric Clothes Lint Machine

User Instructions:

Press the power button to turn the device on or off.

1. Quick Trimming Method:

Place the blade cover on the fabric and slide it gently left and right.

2. Removing Lint:

Slide vertically or parallel to the pattern of the fabric.

3. Thin Fabric:

Fold it into double layers and place it on a hard surface like an ironing board to trim lint.

4. Clothing with Protruding Decorations:

Navigate around protruding parts while sliding.

5. Areas with Woven Patterns:

Slide along the direction of the pattern.


1. Do not use this product to handle clothing with feathers, as it may cause damage to the clothes.

2. Do not trim the lint on stockings, as the stockings may be sucked into the blade, causing damage.

3. Do not trim lint longer than 5mm on fluffy sweaters, as it may cause damage.

4. Do not use it for purposes other than trimming clothes lint. Flatten the clothes before use to prevent wrinkles and avoid damage during trimming.

5. Do not use this product to handle clothing worn on the body, as it may cause damage to the body or clothing.

Mijia Lint Trimmer

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