Unleash the Power: Takara Tomy Evangelion-02 Production Model Alloy Puppet for Collectors and Enthusiasts

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TAKARA TOMY EVANGELION-02 Production Model 861713 Doll Alloy Puppet Action Figure Model Collection Hobby Gifts Toys

EVANGELION-02: A Collector’s Delight for Anime Enthusiasts

Behold the exceptional TAKARA TOMY EVANGELION-02 Production Model 861713 Doll Alloy Puppet Action Figure, a collectible masterpiece for anime aficionados. This meticulously crafted figure captures the iconic Evangelion Number 02 in all its glory, promising an unparalleled collectible experience.

Unleash the Power of an Anime Legend

Exceptional Craftsmanship:

  • Alloy Construction: Indulge in the grandeur of this figure’s weight and durability, ensuring years of display enjoyment.
  • Exquisite Detailing: Every nook and cranny of the Evangelion-02 is meticulously rendered, showcasing the intricate designs of the original anime series.
  • Posable Joints: With a full range of motion, this figure allows you to create dynamic poses, reliving epic battle scenes or capturing dramatic moments.

Authentic Anime Representation:

  • Faithful to the Series: This figure embodies the sleek and fearsome appearance of the Evangelion-02, complete with its signature armament and distinctive colors.
  • Original Armors and Weapons: Included in the set are interchangeable armors and weapons, allowing you to customize your figure and recreate iconic scenes from the anime.

A Collector’s Dream:

  • Limited Production: With its exclusive design and production numbers, this figure is a coveted addition to any anime collection.
  • Prestigious Brand: TAKARA TOMY is renowned for producing high-quality anime figures, ensuring authenticity and exceptional value.
  • Investment Piece: As a limited-edition collectible, this figure has the potential to appreciate in value over time, making it both a passion project and a wise investment.


  • Own a piece of anime history with this stunning figure that captures the essence of the Evangelion-02.
  • Express your fandom through the intricate detailing and posable features that bring the mecha to life.
  • Invest in a high-quality collectible that will endure as a cherished part of your anime collection.
  • Display this figure prominently, evoking the epic battles and poignant moments of the Evangelion series.

Whether you’re an avid Evangelion enthusiast or a discerning collector, the TAKARA TOMY EVANGELION-02 Production Model 861713 Doll Alloy Puppet Action Figure is an exceptional choice that will ignite your passion and elevate your collection to the next level.

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