Upgrade Your Cooling with the JONSBO CR-1400 EVO: Quiet, Efficient, and Affordable Thermal Solution for Your PC

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Discount : 31%
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JONSBO CR-1400 EVO PC CPU Cooler Quiet Air Cooled White 1700 AM4 115X 1200 Nickel Plated 4 Heatpipe Fan

JONSBO CR-1400 EVO: The Ultimate Cooling Solution for Maximum Performance

Unlock Unparalleled Thermal Efficiency and Style

The JONSBO CR-1400 EVO PC CPU Cooler revolutionizes air cooling with its exceptional design and unmatched performance. This white marvel effortlessly dissipates heat and keeps your system running at optimal temperatures, making it the perfect choice for demanding users who value stability and aesthetics.

Supreme Cooling Power

Equipped with four efficient heat pipes and a large surface area, the CR-1400 EVO maximizes heat transfer from the CPU to the ambient air. The nickel-plated finish enhances corrosion resistance and improves heat dissipation, ensuring reliable operation even under heavy load.

Silent Operation

Despite its impressive cooling capacity, the CR-1400 EVO operates with whisper-quiet efficiency. The optimized airflow design minimizes noise, creating a distraction-free computing environment.

Compact and Compatible

Despite its high performance, the CR-1400 EVO maintains a compact footprint that fits into most ATX and mATX cases. Its universal mounting system supports all popular CPU sockets, including AM4, AM5, 115X, 1200, and 2011-v3.

Exceptional Value

For the ultimate combination of quality, performance, and value, the JONSBO CR-1400 EVO is second to none. Its durable construction and exceptional thermal performance ensure a long-lasting and reliable cooling solution that will enhance your computing experience.

Why Choose JONSBO CR-1400 EVO?

  • Guaranteed cooling performance for demanding applications
  • Silent operation for a peaceful computing environment
  • Compact and compatible design for easy integration
  • Durable construction and long-lasting performance
  • Outstanding value for an exceptional cooling solution

Upgrade to the JONSBO CR-1400 EVO today and experience the future of air cooling. Your system will thank you for the exceptional performance and quiet operation.

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