Upgrade Your Rig: Enhance Cooling with COOLSERVER 2U6CA, the Ultimate 4-Heatpipe CPU Cooler

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COOLSERVER 2U6CA Server CPU Cooler 4 Heatpipes CPU Radiator Cooler Fan PWM 4PIN for Intel LGA 2011 LAG1151 1156 2066 AMD AM4

Upgrade Your Cooling: Enhance Your PC Performance with a Reliable CPU Cooler

If you want to optimize your computer’s performance and maintain its longevity, investing in a high-quality CPU cooler is crucial. Among the top choices, the COOLSERVER 2U6CA Server CPU Cooler stands out as an exceptional cooling solution for gaming PCs, workstations, and servers.

Why Do You Need a COOLERVER 2U6CA Server CPU Cooler?

  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: Equipped with four powerful 6mm heatpipes, the 2U6CA effectively dissipates heat away from your processor. This is particularly beneficial for overclocking or heavy-duty applications that generate substantial heat, ensuring optimal cooling and preventing thermal throttling.

  • PWM Control for Optimal Performance: The integrated 4-pin PWM fan supports precise speed control based on your system’s temperature requirements. This adaptive fan speed adjustment optimizes cooling performance while minimizing noise levels, allowing for a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

  • Wide Compatibility: The 2U6CA CPU cooler supports a wide range of Intel and AMD socket types, including Intel LGA 2011, LGA 1151, LGA 1156, LGA 2066, and AMD AM4. This versatility makes it compatible with a multitude of motherboards and CPUs, providing a cost-effective and scalable cooling solution for various system builds.

  • Durable Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials, the 2U6CA CPU cooler is designed to provide long-lasting performance. The solid aluminum base ensures efficient heat transfer, while the copper heatpipes and fan provide reliability and durability under demanding conditions.

  • Easy Installation: The included mounting hardware simplifies the installation process, allowing you to quickly and easily mount the cooler onto your system’s motherboard. Clear instructions provide step-by-step guidance, making it accessible even for first-time builders.


Investing in the COOLSERVER 2U6CA Server CPU Cooler is a wise upgrade for anyone looking to improve their PC’s performance and stability. Its efficient heat dissipation, PWM control, wide compatibility, durable construction, and ease of installation make it an indispensable component for demanding applications and a must-have for overclockers and performance enthusiasts.

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